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Maybe so, but it was chemistry that drove it.

Later that year, as the McVie-bolstered line-up hit the London club scene, a fascinating dynamic was in evidence. Both on stage and when hassling promoters off it, the East End-raised Green was patently in charge. You both played like shit! I play from the heart. Later, in an interview, someone asked him why did he call the band Fleetwood Mac? And remember that Peter had become a sort of Eric Clapton hero-worshipped player on the scene.


He basically turned around and gave it all away to Jeremy. The logical next step was a debut album. The irony was, we were on Top Of The Pops and they probably felt we invented that music.

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A lot of people who were not our audience were suddenly listening to Elmore James. It really holds up, when you listen to some of that early stuff. I mean, Peter was such an extraordinary player, so sensitive and so mature. London was a cauldron of creativity which, I might add, is still being felt musically, sociologically, in fashion and style.

It caused all these ripples that became waves and storms and hurricanes of creativity. But even as that debut album hit No. There were no bands anywhere that had three guitar players, and it diversified the whole sound of the group. Eventually, after hearing it enough times, we all agreed. After the band performed Albatross on prime-time BBC, the single began shifting 60, units daily on its march to No. And it was being destroyed for reasons of commerciality. Most troubling of all was the decline of Green.

Plainly, this was a man fast unravelling. This took him to the brink and it ultimately made him unable to handle normal life. As the band hit the road in early , Fleetwood watched his friend across the aisle of the tour bus, waited and hoped. I think it was just because I wanted to do things for free. I knew that people looked at me like I was in a dream.

Fleetwood Mac – Landslide (1975)

Fleetwood Mac - Rumors (full album). rotem lutsky; 12 Fleetwood Mac - Dreams [with lyrics] Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (HQ). Fleetwood Mac - Rumours (Full Album) Fleetwood Mac - Never Going Back Again (Lyrics) Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (HQ).

I could tell that, even at the time. My instinct was to keep going. Because what else are we going to do? So at least we had something.

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Desertion was in the air. McVie talked vaguely of ditching the bass and managing the band instead. Some days later, he was found to have joined the religious group the Children of God , and he declared that he no longer wanted to be involved with Fleetwood Mac. Despite appeals from the band's manager, Clifford Davis , to fulfil his obligations to Fleetwood Mac, Spencer could not be persuaded to rejoin the band, and thus they had to struggle on without him, first recalling Peter Green out of retirement as an emergency measure, and later recruiting new guitarist Bob Welch.

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Despite many rumours of brainwashing and forced induction into the organisation, Spencer has always maintained that he joined the organisation of his own free will. He had been approached by a young man named Apollos, who engaged Spencer in conversation about God, and invited him to a nearby mission where other members were staying. During the evening, Spencer became convinced that this change of direction was the best course for him to take, and by the time Fleetwood Mac found him, his mind was made up.

I should've told them right away but I was desperate. He soon formed a new band within the organisation and played free concerts around the country. An album was recorded, Jeremy Spencer and the Children , although without commercial success. Relatively little is known about this period of his life, but he travelled the world recording a considerable amount of music for the purposes of the organization.

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He moved to Brazil in and then to Italy in In —79 the newly formed Jeremy Spencer Band recorded the album Flee , which had a little commercial success. During the s Spencer lived in the Philippines before working in India in the s, holding charity concerts. He later lived in Ireland and then Germany and still works for the Children of God now called the Family International , mainly as a book illustrator and story writer.

In he released the album Precious Little , recorded in Norway. The album showed a return to the blues and the slide guitar style that he became famous for while he was with Fleetwood Mac. During the s there were rumours of a reunion of the early line-up of Fleetwood Mac involving Peter Green and Jeremy Spencer.

Whilst these two guitarists and vocalists apparently remained unconvinced of the merits of such a project, [10] Danny Kirwan , who joined the band in as a third guitarist and vocalist and was fired in , remained silent on the subject. Kirwan died in In April , during a question-and-answer session on the Penguin Fleetwood Mac fan website, bassist John McVie said of the reunion idea:. The vinyl, CD and download featured different track listings This was followed in by Coventry Blue.

Since then Spencer has concentrated on instrumental work. Homebrewed Blues showcased his slide guitar playing while Treading Softly and Latina Nights focused on music inspired by Ireland and Latin America respectively.

Watch Fleetwood Mac Play ‘Man of the World’ for First Time in 50 Years

During —13, Spencer became involved with Hartlepool-based singer-songwriter Andy Oliver, and they eventually decided to record songs together. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Jeremy Spencer disambiguation. Performing at the Chicago Blues Festival , Then, now and rare British Beat — Omnibus Press.

Fleetwood Mac - Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac Full Album (1968 Vinyl Rip)

Retrieved 6 July Blues Revue. Archived from the original on 20 February Retrieved 20 May The Penguin. January Retrieved 8 December Jeremy Spencer. Family International. Jesus movement Comet Kohoutek Flirty Fishing. David Berg founder Karen Zerby.

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