Mac theme for windows 7 desktop

Mac OS X Theme on Windows XP and Windows 7

By default it will be stored in the My Documents folder. In under five minutes once you choose your wallpaper and icons you can make Windows 7 look something like this:.

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Yes, it's not the most dramatic makeover, but in a very short amount of time, we've taken Windows 7 and given it enough subtle Mac-like touches that it will feel just a bit homier to Mac fans. Of course, if you're a little more adventurous and really want to transform Windows 7, you can check out this complete Mac OS X skin made for Windows 7! Note that the skin was made for an older build of Windows 7 and may not work with newer versions out of the box — so, it's definitely not for the faint of heart. What other places do you go to find wallpaper and icons?

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Entertainment Like Follow. Just follow these instructions!

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Talk to an expert. In the screen that appears, simply press the Install button. May 8, at am. Another thing is the beeping that I think someone mentioned earlier. How to Take a Screenshot in Windows

Pick your Wallpaper and Window Color The first step in creating your theme is to find the right wallpaper. Then, navigate to the following directory and paste them in it:.

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Windows will ask you to confirm this action, since, when it comes to system folders, you need have administrator rights to modify them. After pasting the contents, simply double-click on the Sierra file to apply the Mac theme.

2. Set Up a Custom Color Scheme

If, at any point, you wish to change theme, just right-click anywhere on the desktop and select Personalize. So far, the system is starting to have a Mac look indeed, since the desktop background and Windows explorer have changed. Another nice change is the substitution of the Start menu icon with the Apple icon.

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Of course, this step is optional. So, to do that, you need a very small program called Leftsider. It is a small portable application that transfers the window buttons on the left side each time that it is executed. Since the application does not have an official website, you can download it from here.

After having downloaded and extracted it, move it a directory of your choice. The Startup folder will open after running this command. Cut the shortcut from the desktop that you created, and paste it inside that folder. This is so that Leftsider will be executed every time you log on to Windows, and will move the window buttons on the left side instead of the right. Windows 8 and 10 have a different Windows explorer appearance, which prevents Leftsider from working properly.

More specifically, the buttons did move to the left side, but they are overlapping with other buttons.

For Leftsider to work correctly in Windows 8 and 10, you should use OldNewExplorer as well, which will restore the Windows 7 explorer Windows 7 users skip this step, obviously. Get OldNewExplorer from the download link included in the first post of this thread. Then extract the downloaded file and run OldNewExplorerCfg. In the screen that appears, simply press the Install button. After getting your confirmation, the program will be installed.

Make sure to check the Use command bar instead of Ribbon and Hide Up go to parent folder button options and of course, any other option you wish to enable. One of the most characteristic features of the Mac appearance is the dock, which is located at the bottom center part of the screen. So, download the installer, open it, and move on to the installation procedure, which is fairly simple and straightforward.

Then paste them in the following directory:.

OS X Yosemite Theme For Windows 7/8.1

Similarly, download an icon pack of your choice. After downloading an icon pack, extract its contents and copy them to the following directory:.

Additional tweaks & customization

If you want to taste the design of Mac computers or you used before and you want the same design on your desktop, then this program is for. Download Theme to Transform Windows 7 into Mac OS X Snow Leopard - If you excellent theme for Windows 7 which makes your Windows 7 look-like Mac OS X this worked on my pc,but there is not any dock or tray for desktop icon,as.

From the Position tab, make sure that you select Bottom and Always on bottom on the corresponding fields. Lastly, from the Style tab, locate and select the Sierra theme. At this point you can move to the dock any application that you want, in any order that you want. This is done by right-clicking anywhere on RocketDock and selecting Add Item. If you wish to add a program, select File , and if you are interested in selecting a folder select Path. Your Windows OS will continue to work as the way it worked before. WindowsX team typically develops two kinds of theme packs. As both is for nearly same purpose, when you are going to download and install any of these theme packs on your Windows, it may come to your mind that which should I get?

Transformations or UX pack? So if you want to fully integrate the theme pack, go for Transformation Pack. UX pack gives you less risk of damaging system. Though these theme packs are risk free and much easier to install and uninstall than earlier versions, before you proceed to install, I strongly recommend to created a system restore point on your Windows so that your can come back to previous state if something bad happens. As I said earlier, Transformations pack will modify some system files.

How to Change Your Windows 7 Computer into a Mac!!

Over the years, the developers of Transformation Packs has made it easier to install their themes. And today, their installer packs handles everything that need to be installed, patched and configured.

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So the theme will instantly be ready after install. The only hassle is you might need to restart your PC. Double click on the installer to run installation. The first thing you should see is Yosemite Transformation Pack installer window. The settings and options here may vary depending on your version of Windows. Close all running programs before proceeding.

Mac OS X Sierra Theme für Windows 10

Hit Install to start the installation. As soon as you hit the installation button, it will start to install showing you a progress window like following:. After the installation has finished, restart the PC when it asks.