Mac black smokey eye tutorial

Just A Super Useful Guide To Nailing The Perfect Smokey Eye

Believe it or not, all you need is two products and a few common tools.

How to Create a Glitter Smokey Eye Makeup

The Supplies: Forget the shadow. You can get smokey eye makeup by just applying eyeliner in the right way.

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I am all about easy looks. Take your short shading brush I'm using brush by MAC and apply a medium thick layer of your cream eyeshadow or eyeliner all over the ball of your lid, being careful to not fully apply into your crease. Sweep a matte, light brown eye shadow into crease and outer corner blend well up to your brown bone 3. An angled eyeliner brush. Apply with same technique.

And to prevent smudges, stay away from those cream-based formulas. How to Get It: First, line the lower and upper waterline with your pencil, squeezing your eyes shut afterwards for about 5 seconds.

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Repeat the same for the bottom, but drag your pencil with a slight slant. Be sure to keep the liner very close to the lash line, as Greene says anything below it could look like dark circles. Next, Greene says to use your fingertip to smudge the lower and upper lash lines in small, light strokes.

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Set the look and reduce the chance of smudging later on by dipping your eyeshadow brush in a translucent powder and brushing overtop the liner. For this look because it's so intense you can get away with stronger brows I've used a mix of a brow pencil and powder.

Now we can start working on adding glitter on a brush add glitter fixing gel I buy mine from peaches in Liverpool but I believe Barry M do a good product. Add the gel to the centre of the eye. Now start adding the glitter I'm using a bronzey gold glitter but use what you like and what suits you and pat onto the bits where you have added glitter fixing gel.

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So you can see here I've built more colour and glitter into the eye and gradually building. The glitter used is a fine glitter I wanted a mix so I've added a browner course glitter close to the black. Nearly done just before I clean up. Clean away all fall out from face and around eyes with a make up wipe.

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The Ultimate Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial From M.A.C Cosmetics

Cathryn Kerwin. I will be doing tutorials of simple looks that are wearable. Near Chester.

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