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Perfect for if your cat is either a Trekkie or loves rolling around in shirts or both. Sacral Chakra — after the second chakra which is typically represented by an orange lotus blossom and is associated with pleasure, passion, and creativity. Safety Orange — a shade of orange that is used on road work signs, during hunting season, at construction sites, and is also the color of traffic cones.

It is sometimes called blaze orange or OSHA orange, and its main purpose is to make objects stand out. This shade of orange was chosen because it contrasts extremely well with the azure sky color. Scotland — after the country that along with Ireland is often associated with or well known for their redheads.

Spray Tan — after the type of tanning that is produced by chemicals instead of by sunlight that often produces an unwanted orange hue. Sunburst — a pattern or design that resembles rays of sunshine. It has a circular center and many rays or beams coming from it. The rays are narrower in the center and get wider toward the end. For cats who love to stare at the sun. Traffic Cone — after the orange cones that are often used during road construction or to direct traffic. Perfect for cats who have an innate fear of being run over. Treasure — after the gold that is often associated with pirates.

For cats who wear eyepatches or who love the book Treasure Island.

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Nature is chock full of inspiration for orange cat names. Ranging from animals to gems to an array of flowers, here is a list of names for cats who are naturally charming:. For if you really want to give your cat a complex by naming it after a different type of animal although there are some cats to choose from as well. Baltimore Oriole — this bird is the official state bird of Maryland and is the mascot for the baseball team of the same name. The females are more yellow in color, and the males are more orange.

Sadly, they did not get their own baseball team. Cheetah — this yellowish-tan cat is the fastest animal on land, can run up to 70mph, and can also achieve top speed in 3 seconds. Perfect for speedy cats. Clownfish — this orange fish with white and black stripes was popularized by the film Finding Nemo.

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A good choice for cats who like to clown around or who get lost a lot. Flame Robin — this small Australian bird has bright reddish-orange plumage on its throat, breast, and abdomen. You could also go with Robin which has the benefit of being a Batman reference. Golden Lion Tamarin or GLT — this small monkey the size of a squirrel has a bright reddish-orange coat and is on the endangered species list.

For cats who like to monkey around. Goldfish — this orange fish is a popular pet for children.

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Contrary to popular belief, they do have a memory longer than 3 seconds. They can remember up to several months and can even be trained to perform tricks! For cats who like to break stereotypes.

Guianan Cock-of-the-Rock — there are no words; just look at this orange gloriousness:. Jaguar — this tawny-orange big cat is known for its distinctive spots which are shaped like roses and are called rosettes. It is orange with white spots on its legs and can live up to years. For monstrously large cats.

Julia Butterfly — this orange butterfly prefers passion vines for its food source. A good name for cats who are passionate about their food. Liger — this cat is a hybrid that is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. It is the only cat that has a tufted tail, and it has the loudest roar of any cat.

I am looking for a particular song, how can I find it?

Monarch Butterfly — this orange butterfly with black and white markings is the state insect for seven states: Alabama, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Texas, Vermont, and West Virginia some states just have a state insect, and some have a separate category for state butterfly. Ocelot — this tawny nocturnal cat has spotted fur and is also known as a dwarf leopard.

It is known for its speed, aggression, defensiveness, and painful bite.

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For extremely feisty cats. Red Fox or RF — this auburn colored fox is the largest of the fox species.

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For gorgeous female cats who are absolute foxes. Red Panda or RP — this mammal is the only living species of its genus and family. It is also known as a lesser panda or a fire fox. Supposedly, the Mozilla Firefox web browser is named after it, and their mascot was at one time a red panda that was later redesigned as a red fox to be more recognizable. Savannah Cat — a hybrid cat breed that is a cross between a domestic cat and a serval.

It is highly intelligent, energetic, and a great jumper. Serval — this tawny African cat has the largest ears and longest legs of any cat in proportion to its body. They can achieve speeds of 50mph and are bested only by the cheetah. Tiger — not only an iconic orange cat name, but also the largest species in the cat family. Sadly, there are more tigers in captivity than there are in the wild and they are an endangered species.

Tigon — this cat is a hybrid that is the offspring of a male tiger and a female lion. They are smaller than their counterpart the liger and more aggressive and both hybrids are prone to depression. Viceroy Butterfly — this orange butterfly with black and white markings looks very similar to the monarch butterfly. Inspired by the orange, red, and yellow hues found in nature. For cats who like to act natural. Amber — fossilized tree resin, that was popularized in the iconic film Jurassic Park.

Autumn — also known as fall. This season is typically associated with the colors orange, red, yellow, and brown. Also, a good choice for cats who were born in the month of Autumn. Blaze — a fast-burning fire that produces a lot of heat and light. For cats who love to take naps in the blazing hot sun. Brass — a golden metallic alloy made from copper and zinc. Not only a great CSI reference Jim Brass but a good choice for cats who like to be in charge aka the top brass. Bronze — an alloy made primarily from copper and tin often various other metals such as nickel, zinc, and aluminum are added in as well.

Supposedly, it was the first alloy created by humans. Copper — a reddish-orange element that was the first metal to be smelted heating an ore to produce a metal. For cats who make you melt with their love. Ember — hot, glowing coal or wood that precedes or remains after a fire. Fall — another name for the season autumn. A good choice for cats who fall down a lot. Fire — a type of combustion that produces, heat, light, and flames.

A good choice for cats who have a fiery nature or who love to knock over all your candles. Flame — a body of hot, visible gas that is generated by fire. For if your cat is good-looking aka hot.