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The Best 12 iPhone Emualtors for PC, Mac and Android

Open Device menu item under Hardware in menu bar. There is a list of currently available operating systems. The submenu of the selected operation system is the device to run. If you need more versions of simulated iOS, return to Xcode, select Preferences Click a small arrow down icon near the simulator name to download the version you need. The simulator images are pretty large, so it will take some time to download and space in your Mac storage.

Best iOS Emulators | Run iPhone Apps on PC

Assuming there isn't a Mac version (or ripoff) of the iOS app you're keen to run, your other alternative is to download simulator software that. This article includes the top 10 ios emulators for PC/Mac. You can download and use the emulator for free but only for first the hours.

Is the simulator accurate? Can you trust it? Does it simulates the real device?

Once upon a time I debugged a very specific issue. A user reported our webapp crashed the web-browser on just released iPhone 6 Plus. It worked good on any other device except for this iPhone. We didn't have this device in the team, so the issue was really hard to reproduce and fix. We updated Xcode to get the latest versions of the simulators and finally we reproduced the issue on the simulator.

How To Get iOS Simulator In Mac OSX

So yes, I am convinced that it's pretty accurate since it emulates even crashes and iOS bugs. As the first step you need to download Android Studio.

iPhone Emulators To Run iOS On PC Or Mac

Run Android Studio once it's downloaded and installed. It will ask your a few configuration questions and install some additional components. I suggest to select Custom installation type and check Android Virtual Device. Then continue the installation leaving the default settings and wait for downloading of components. Despite the fact we need the emulator only, it's required to start a new Android project there.

PPSSPP - PPSSPP - PSP emulator for Android, Windows, Linux, iOS, MacOSX

I just entered Emulator as a project name, add no activity and left the other settings default. Need to wait a few more downloads and installs and get the Android Studio workspace. No, it's not a finish yet. It might be just early release issues, but just after install from scratch, Android Studio still required to install some missing components: android platform first and Build Tools Just click the Install links and follow the installer screens.

After all activity is done, there is a clean Android Studio workspace. You can notice a warning there: HAXM is not installed. However, at the moment it doesn't support automatic installation on macOS High Sierra Hopefully, they'll fix it in the future versions. Run it and follow the installer instructions. During the installation, macOS might show a warning that the kernel extension is blocked by security reasons.

The warning message should disappear. We are good to go! Just double click it. Here we go! The emulator has control buttons at the right side of the screen. It has a complete set of emulations just like iOS simulator. To get more device configurations and Android versions, click Create Virtual Device button.

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There you can select either a ready-to-use device hardware preset or to create your own hardware profile. On the next step you should select the version of Android which you'd like to run on the selected hardware. You'll need to download the older versions of Android before usage. Check out the x86 images to get more versions to use. The iPadian program comes in the two versions. Unfortunately, the Mobione studio developers stopped the support for this emulator.

But, the Mobione Studio supports most of the iOS apps. You can download the latest version and run almost any of the iOS app. Some apps are not recommended because the MobiOne Studio is discontinued from service.

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The Smarface is the best option for the iOS developers, as it comes with the multiple features useful for developing and testing the iOS apps. The Smartface has two version, the free one with limited features and valuable for naive users and the premium one with all features for experienced iOS app developers. The Appetize. Also, they have Enterprise Deployment services for professional customers.

The AirPhone is one of the best ios emulators for pc. The AirPhone is virtualization software that helps you to run an iPhone or iPad app on your computer. Open the AirPhone program, upload the iOS app file and the app will run on your computer within a few second. The AirPhone is a free program to run iPhone apps on Windows 7, 8.

The iPhone simulator , as the name suggests is the virtual version of the iPhone, which is useful to test the iOS applications on the PC. If you want to know how the iOS feels to use, you can download and install the iPhone simulator from their official website or any of the third party file sharing sites.

So, the developers using the MacOS devices have to rely on the third-party software programs for run iOS app on Macintosh computers. Apple itself owns the Xamarin TestFlight program, so it provides the nearest possible experience of running an iOS app on iPhone in Mac computer. This program comes with multiple useful features for the iPhone app developers. The AppSimulator. On the AppSimulator. Also, the iOS developers can upload and test their web apps on this site. The site does not support iOS games as of now.

The best thing about the AppSimulator. The TestObject provides all the necessary features essential for running an iOS app on the computer. This is the best option for iOS developers who want to test and run multiple iOS apps once on a cloud. With the features like Cloud Test, Virtual access to hundreds of iOS devices to test, shorter loading time and integration with GitHub make it ideal iOS apps emulator for Mac intended for use by developers.

The Responsinator is one of the oldest online iOS app emulator site.

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