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Is there a chance that this could work in Windows 64 bit, or are the USB drivers unusable there? Contact Geppastro. Software desktop : : Windows 8. I was just curious. Thanks for the followup.


Contact MrSoundman. Looks like a very interesting project.

Setting up IAC MIDI driver in OSX.

I'll let you know. Contact Tommy-boy. I typically run my gear from Cubase. Are there other midi apps that people use frequently along with Cubase? Maybe it's because it's using an older driver and it was done on Vista instead of my W? Contact kTracker. Send private message ICQ. He has worked with music technology for more than 15years.

The AMT8's front panel is virtually identical to the Unitor8's,and the chassis is the same.


Although the AMT8 is superb for live applications, you can'treceive timing data from external audio sources or triggersequences with a footswitch. Beyond those minor concerns, the AMT8 is a good value. Isubjected the AMT8 to the same abuse as the Unitor8, and it neverflinched. The unit shares several traits with its largerrelatives. You can play any MIDI instrument inyour studio without running sequencer software. If you use a laptop in liveperformance, you'll appreciate the MT4's portability.

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While I was waiting for the delivery of the other twointerfaces, I spent some time with the MT4. Its ease of integrationwith Logic Audio was a good sign; all I had to do was connect theMT4 and get to work. Even when I putthe MT4 through the same rigorous testing as the Unitor8, thetiming was excellent.

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Simple toconfigure using Unitor8 Control software. Performs well underpressure. Manufacturer Emagic USA tel. How To.


Home Gear. CONS: No front-panel configuration or control. No word clock orADAT sync out. Related Articles. By Alex Artaud. By Brian Smithers. By Marty Cutler. By Rob Shrock. By Emusician. In the other direction, incoming MIDI is marked with a time stamp that is then delivered to the application via CoreMIDI in a way that preserves sub-millisecond accuracy. Bruno Afonso. Brian is right, what is nice about the motu stuff is their timestamping.

Drivers can be finicky at times.

I'm curious to know about the timing of the newer mio offerings I don't have a mio MIDI timing on the mac has been a bug bear of mine since forever well actually post RS serial bus days! No noticable jitter I had to offset it a little.

Royce Lee. I feel like midi timing on mac went through a U shaped curve, where its was okay for a while for me opcode on a beige power pc ,then around the time of the big blue and white, plastic enclosures G3,G4 it was horrible, and now, it is really quite good. Jason Proctor.

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Motu uses similar approach. Gary Sommer In reply to this post by Matt Vrazo. I decided to try to write a driver for it about a year ago and was successful. I was ignoring my older MIDI instruments for a while - its nice to have them useful in my studio, again! Hi David,. I am considering doing so but it competes with other things that take time.

Gary, do you have this driver available somewhere? I have a Midisport 4x4 and while it can be made to work with modern macOS versions with the official driver, that does not work well. Steven Clements. In reply to this post by Gary Sommer Which modern Mac OS version are you speaking of?