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Select Built-in Ethernet on the left menu. The router IP address is on the right side of the Network dialog. Figure : Network dialog. Type cmd and click OK. In the DOS window, type ipconfig and press Enter.

Use the Default Gateway IP address to log on to your router. Once logged in to the router, look for a list of connected devices. Each router is different.

How to connect to file servers, computer shares or Windows shares on a Mac.

See your router's documentation if you do not find the server's IP address right away. Log on to the server using either a guest account, user account, or administrator account. Pinging the Server To troubleshoot a connection failure, you can ping the server. Install Software on the First PC The following sections outline the key decision points during the software installation. Subsequent installations can be on a Windows or Mac computer.

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Verify that you have administrator privileges on the computer where you are doing the install. Check for Administrator Privileges You must have administrative privileges on your computer to install the software. Complete the following steps to view or change user account settings. On Mac OS X This software is used to. Provide a single point of access for all of the server's features,. Figure : Install Wizard. Connects your computer to the server.

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The Windows Home Server software installation runs only onceā€”on the first computer where you run the Software Installation Disc. Figure : Windows Home Server Connector.